Brother printer won’t print black

Brother printer won't print black

Brother printer won’t print black

Brother printer won’t print black

Brother printer won’t print black Ink jet Printers are renowned for having the problem of the black cartridge not printing. This has been a common issue with Brother Inkjet printers for as long as I can remember. to occur followed by the solutions.

Overall Brother inkjet printers are very reliable and if used regularly and correctly then very few issues will occur. Brother printers work perfectly well with generic ink cartridges, in fact there should be absolutely no difference whatsoever in both operation and print quality using non genuine cartridges as long as they are good quality generic Brother cartridges.

What can cause a Brother printer to not print black?
There are quite a few scenarios that can stop your Brother printer from printing in black.  new cartridge is installed.

1. Check that the “Breather Tape” on the top of the cartridge is fully removed.
The breather tape or sometimes referred to as the shipping tape MUST be removed before installing the cartridge.

2. Make sure that you install a new cartridge well before it runs dry
When your printer starts warning you that the Black cartridge is getting Low and needs to be replaced it’s OK to keep printing for a while but not for too long. I know that we all want the most from our cartridges but if you print too long and the ink runs very low then you will start introducing air into the print nozzle.

When air starts to get into to the nozzle or the lines going to the nozzle then the printer will stop printing in black. It may not fully stop and you may simply get lines through the printing. Wicked Inks

Also when you print with a near empty black cartridge then the air going into the print nozzle will start to dry the ink that is already in the nozzle. If you continue to print like this for a long period of time then you may even permanently damage the print head. It’s kind of like running a car for too long without coolant in the radiator.

There have been many articles written about sticking electrical tape over the small window at the front of your Brother cartridges so that you can keep printing and the printer then cant tell if the cartridge is run out of ink. Weave all don.t this before but let me tell you it WILL eventually kill the print head if you keep doing it long enough.

3. Using very low quality generic ink cartridges
Brother inkjet printers, like any other printer brand uses specific inks in their printers designed to perform correctly with their own machines. Due to the massive availability of generic cartridges there is a huge difference in quality between one generic ink and another.

If the viscosity of the ink is not correct and similar to the Brother inks then various issues can occur.  Printer inks actually contain various chemicals which prevent the ink from drying.

. This has enabled us to provide generic cartridges which we believe are the best on the market.

4. Brother printers and CISS Systems
Brother printers which have a CISS fitted are also at risk of print head clogging.  All of these factors can cause the black ink or the colors not to print.

Preventing the “Brother printer won’t print black problem

1. Print regularly
By printing regularly there is ink constantly flowing through the print head which in turn helps to prevent ink from sitting in the nozzle and eventually drying out and blocking the fine print nozzles.

2. Use only high quality generic cartridges

3. Make sure that the printer isn’t in a hot position
. By moving the printer to a cooler location it may prevent issues from occurring.

What to do if your Brother printer stops printing black
If your printer suddenly stops printing black then check the following in this order.

Brother printer won’t print black if not then follow this procedure.

3. Run a maximum of 2 nozzle cleans on the black print nozzle from the LCD menu on the actually printer itself. Follow this procedure to clean the offending nozzles.

4. Try printing a few solid black images with the printer set to the highest quality photo mode. This ensures that ALL nozzles are printing and may help to push the ink out of the nozzle.

. Brother printer won’t print black Below is a great video which shows the procedure in great detail. Our print head cleaning kits are available here.

Checkout this great video on Cleaning a Brother print head.

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